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You can buy this amazing and cheap products on Amazon by clicking the “BUY THIS ITEM” button. So let’s see some such products which you might not have seen yet.

1. Butter Stick

It is a butter stick that comes in the shape of a glue stick, with the help of which you can easily use butter whenever you want. It also protects your finger from heat and a slippery mess. When someone sees you applying butter on bread with this stick, it feels like you are eating glue, but you only know the truth. You can have some fun by playing a prank with your friends. This butter stick can bring convenience to your life. Buy this by clicking the “BUY THIS ITEM” button.

2. Creepy Hand Game

This creepy hand will make your truth or dare-game even more interesting and scary. It can roam on its own without any help, and the one whom he points out will have to choose truth or dare. Along with this, 100 cards are also available in which fun missions are written. It will make your game night even more memorable. You can also have fun with your family and friends with this fun game. Buy this by clicking the “BUY THIS ITEM” button.

3. Dog Play costume

It is a dog costume which looks very funny and cute. People who wish to live the lifestyle of a dog would definitely like to wear this type of costume. By wearing this type of costume, you can do fun pranks with your friends or your pets, and after seeing you in this costume, your pets will also be confused. If you want to have a unique theme party, then this costume will be unique and memorable too. You can buy this by clicking the “BUY THIS ITEM” button.

4. Arc Reactor USB flash drive

Iron man fans must have recognized this thing. It is an arc reactor-shaped USB Flash drive that you will be able to install on your pc or laptop. And also you will be able to roam like Iron man by wearing it like a necklace. Seeing this, anyone would think you are crazy about Iron man. And not only this makes it special, but it also has glowing light that gives it an even more realistic effect. You can buy this by clicking the “BUY THIS ITEM” button.

5. Insta360 X3

It is the latest camera coming from Insta “One X3″ with which you can take your creativity to the next level. On its ultra-bright 2.29” massive touch screen, you can see the preview of crystal clear photos as well as feel its amazing functions on the big screen. It has 4k 120p, and 3k 180p Slomo with timelapse and bullet time in 8K quality. In its 360 Insta App, you will get many advanced features, so that even after shooting, you can make the video creative. Buy this by clicking the “BUY THIS ITEM” button.

6. Reusable Water Balloons

These are reusable balloons, which you can use as much as you want, and will never let your fun end. You will be able to fill this same balloon with water again and again and throw it at your opponent. And to fill water in these balls, you just have to put them in water and it will automatically inject the water in just 1 second, and it will open automatically when colliding or squeezing. Buy this by clicking the “BUY THIS ITEM” button.

7. Micro FPV Car

It is a mini car equipped with an HD camera and FPV goggles first-person view transmission. With the help of this camera fitted in this car, you will be able to see all the visuals through these goggles. Also, you will be able to take this car wherever you want with the help of a remote. Goggles have a DVR function means, you can also record wonderful shots with these goggles. Buy this amazing car by clicking the “BUY THIS ITEM” button.

8. Build-On Brick Mug

You can have a lot of fun by building blocks on its sides to make your unique coffee mug. And with this mug, you will also get random blocks to make such creative things. This brick cup is a perfect gift for those who like to play building block games, whether children or adults. This fun puzzle cup can also be used as a home decoration. Buy this by clicking the “BUY THIS ITEM” button.

9. Iron Man MK85

If you want to keep your favorite superhero “Iron man” with you always. You can buy this mini action figure of him that looks just like a real Iron man. Also, you get to amazing parts with it, so you can change your superhero look whenever you want. And you also get tony stark’s face in it which looks the same. If you also want to fight your iron man figure with your friend’s superhero figure. Buy this by clicking the “BUY THIS ITEM” button.

10. Liteboxer machine

Many of you must feel frustrated or stressed due to the pressure of office or school. So you can use this boxing machine to take out all your anger, which is more advanced than a normal punching bag. In this, you can enjoy boxing by playing any of your favorite songs through Bluetooth. It also has built-in lights to show the target, which increases your excitement level. Buy this by clicking the “BUY THIS ITEM” button.

11. Massage Mat

You can use this mat to relax the body and mind and drive away muscle tension and pain. It is a health treatment that you can do at home whenever you want. Now you will not have to pay for foot massages again and again. You can use this mat anywhere indoors or outdoors. And it can also stimulate blood circulation, adjust the function of entrails and strengthen the immunity of the human body. Buy this by clicking the “BUY THIS ITEM” button.

12. Melting Clock

This funky design clock creates an illusion of melting time. Whoever sees this clock for the first time will feel that it is melting. Really a very interesting watch, and it can add personality to any room. You can also bring a uniqueness by keeping the clock on your table. Your guests will surely be shocked to see such a clock. You can buy this by clicking the “BUY THIS ITEM” button.

13. Magnetic Face Mask

It is not an ordinary face mask, but it is a magnetic face mask. You will be able to remove this face mask very easily with the help of a magnet. You can surprise your friends or family by showing this kind of magic in front of them. Well, you can buy this amazing mask which also helps to remove/clean dirt pores, impurities, and excess oil, leaving your skin looking smoother, more radiant, healthier, and younger-looking skin. Buy this by clicking the “BUY THIS ITEM” button.

14. Self String Mug

Now, this product is especially for those people, who find it very difficult to mix their coffee or milk. So, to make this work easier for you, you can bring this coffee mug, in which you just have to press one button. And it will automatically start rotating your coffee. And for this, you do not need to roam around with a wire because it is battery-powered. This coffee mug with a lid is the perfect way to keep your morning cup hot while doing your morning routine. Buy this by clicking the “BUY THIS ITEM” button.

15. Levitating LED Skull

It is an awesome decoration prop for a haunted theme party or Halloween party. Whose detailing is also very good. This skull can levitate and rotate on top of its magnetic base. And its LED lights will make it even more dangerous in the dark. You will definitely be able to scare your friends with this ghostly skull. When they see this ghostly skull, they will never again dare to come to your house out of fear. You can buy this by clicking the “BUY THIS ITEM” button.

16. Lights Up Dog Plush

Those who can’t keep dogs in their house can keep this cute plush dog with them. It looks cute just like a real dog, it is a toy especially liked by children. And its LED lights will attract your children even more. Also, it is very soft, so it will also become their favorite hug toy. If you are also looking for a special toy to surprise your children or to keep them engaged, then you can buy this amazing plush by clicking the “BUY THIS ITEM” button.

17. Kinetic Wave Sculpture

You must have seen ships floating in strong waves in many movies. Inspired by the same, this wonderful wooden art piece has been made, which you can use as a showcase or decoration at your home. As soon as you rotate its wheels, its waves will start floating, and this ship and fish will also be seen floating along with it. This wooden art will also give you the feeling of being in the sea. You can buy this amazing art piece by clicking the “BUY THIS ITEM” button.

18. Flaming Wallet

It is a magic flame wallet perfect for the street show, and magic show props. It is a prank product made only to fool people. No one will be able to believe their eyes when your wallet is on fire. You can also keep your stuff in this wallet without any worry. And as soon as you open this wallet, fire will come out of it, and when you close it, fire will extinguish. You can buy this by clicking the “BUY THIS ITEM” button.

19. Automatic Card Dealer

Now, this product is going to be liked by those people who like playing cards a lot. This machine will make your game even more interesting. Due to this, you will not have to waste time in shuffling or distributing cards. This machine will handle your work very easily and quickly. And it will automatically deliver its cards to all the players. If you also want to use this amazing machine for your game, you can buy this by clicking the “BUY THIS ITEM” button.

20. Bluetooth Music Tesla Coil

It is a musical tesla coil, on which you can see the current doing dance steps on the beat of the music. You can connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and it makes an amazing sparkling melody when plugged in. If you have guts and want to do some mischief, you can feel it by touching it with your hands. When you touch it, it will feel as if it is itchy. Buy this by clicking the “BUY THIS ITEM” button.

20. Mechanical Coin Bank

You can keep this amazing vintage mechanical coin bank in your vintage collection. Its design and functioning style is quite unique. You don’t have to put coins directly in this antique bank, rather it itself makes goals in the bank. You will get to see many varieties in this type of antique bank, whose methods of inserting coins are quite different. You will be able to give an attractive look by keeping this amazing decorative piece in your showcase. Buy this by clicking the “BUY THIS ITEM” button.

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