You Can Decorate Your Garden Lawn With These Amazing Creepy Prop

This is a very scary prop that comes in the form of skeletons. Which seems to be very realistic. Each body part is made up of hard durable plastic that will not break easily. Its hollow black eyes and strange teeth and small detailing work make it look cool. You can place these skeletons in your garden lawns that can scare anyone. You just have to insert the bottom of the arm into the ground and place the skull above it which looks as if the skeleton is coming out of the ground. Its pack contains 2 arm bones and 1 skull. It can create a cemetery scene that will scare off and surprise your friends and relatives. Its mouth can be closed or opened in whichever way you want. It is an extremely horrible prop for Halloween night.

You Can Decorate Your Garden Lawn With These Amazing Creepy Prop

Decorative Skeleton Stake Best Values

Skeleton Arms and skull for Halloween Festival Decoration.

This is the most realistic skull I have ever seen. You can also purchase to decorate your lawn with these types of skeletons by clicking the “Buy It Now” button.

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