10 Fun Toys And Games For Kids And Adults

4D Cross Magic

In this Magic trick, two solid and identical sticks penetrate each other inside a snugly-fitting cross shaped tube.

Batman Transforming Car

This RC Batman car can transform from street mode to battle mode with its light and sound effects.

Dancing Solar Doll

It is a solar powered Hawaiian dancing girl suitable for car dashboards, bedrooms, homes, desks, etc which brings endless fun to your life.

Balloon Puncher

It is a battling balloon robot in which you have to burst or make your opponent's balloon fall with the help of fighting arms.

The Lie Detector Game

If you also want to catch the lies of your friends, then this lie detector game helps you to reveal the truth with voice analysis technology.

Angry Bird Game

Kids can play their favorite Angry Birds game in real life by aiming at these angry characters with a slingshot and making them fall from these bricks.

Tube Watch

It is the World’s first dual-core nixie tube wristwatch which displays time in a tube and charges by a magnetic charger.

Speedy Doc Game

You have to answer the question asked by him quickly, and the one who is unable to answer quickly will lose.

Elmo Toy

It is a popular cartoon character Elmo toy that will entertain your kids and teach them various things.

Balance Hoodle Game

It is an entertaining game in which you have to reach this ball to the tube by rotating its button and earn maximum points.