Top 10 Innovative Products Of 2022

Super Spicy Chocolate

It is the world's spiciest chocolate from which you can prank your friends and make them cry.

Flame Diffuser

You can create a calming and relaxing atmosphere anywhere with this flame humidifier.


Spider Computer Mouse

It is a unique mouse whose body is transparent and inside it there's a spider which also glows.

Bean Bag Bucketz

It is a fun game that you can play with your family members, where you have to toss the bag in the bucketz and earn points.

Thanos Costume

Thick Brush Stroke

It is an Avengers: Endgame Thanos Costume which looks very dangerous and realistic.

Black Section Separator

Vegetable Sharpener

You can make your cooking more easy and fun with this vegetable ribbon peeler.

Harry Potter Watch Pendant

It is an amazing watch for Harry Potter lovers which can also be used as a pendant.

Terminator 2 Skull

It is a perfect prop for decorating your home or office which looks extremely scary and  realistic.

Orbit 20 Jellyfish Aquarium

You can raise your jellyfish in this unique and impressive LED color-changing Aquarium.

Giant Cards

You can have fun with your friends and family with these giant-size cards which can also be used as a decoration.