Top 10 Funny  And Weird Products On Amazon

Twin Dice Towers Magic

Thick Brush Stroke

This magic will surprise anyone when the sequences of two dice towers match without seeing the colors.

Alien Costume

It is an inflatable alien costume that looks like an alien is picking you up.

Black Section Separator

Magic Jellyfish Toy

This jellyfish works on the principle of hydraulic power, which is an educational toy for kids.

Walkaroo Stilts

You can do long jumps and increase your height with this fun product which also improves your balancing ability.

Rubik Cube Mug

It is a mug that comes in the form of a Rubik's cube in which you can enjoy your tea or coffee.

Cream Section Separator

The Wizard Smart switch

It is a magical switch that can be switched on/off with its wand. It will create a magical environment in your home.

Pinball Game

You can compete with your friends in this pinball game in which you have to goal and earn points.

Wololow Night light

It is a night lamp with 7 light colors and 8 levels of brightness which looks like a UFO.

Jedi Master Lightsaber

Jedi Master Lightsaber

It is an exact replica of the Star Wars Jedi Master lightsaber from which you can battle with your friends.

Photo Frame Diversion Safe

It is a photo frame that also has hidden space in which you can store your valuables and keep them safe.