11 Strange Superhero Products At Best Prices

11 Strange Superhero Products At Best Prices

    Web-Shooting Spider-Man

Chat Box

It is a web shooter spiderman which shoots webs with both hands with sound effects.

Ironman Hand Lighter

It is an Iron Man glove-shaped lighter that comes in a compact and portable design, perfect for Iron Man fans.

Face-Changing Dolls

It is an automatic face-changing doll which also moves to the music beat with LED lights.

It is a metal sphere puzzle that you have to open with your intelligence.


Titan Puzzle

Hidden Safe Wall Outlet

You can keep any of your valuable things in this wall outlet safe which looks like a real electric socket.

Table Top Game

It is an Air hockey tabletop game that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

Levitating Broomstick Pen

It's a broomstick pen that looks magical when hanging in the air without support.

It is quite an amazing transparent car which comes with music and LED lights.

Transparent Car

Wall Mount Fish Tank

You can mount this mini fish tank on your walls which looks extremely beautiful.

Battle Gyro Car

It is quite an entertaining toy from which you can have fun and battle with your friends with this amazing gyro car.


Gumball Dispenser

It's a mini football court filled with edible gumballs. To eat these, you have to set goals.

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