Here are some selected products which are quite cool and exciting, seeing that you will also want to buy

Have fun with this amazing laser tag gun with your friends and siblings. Turn your home into an Arena.

Laser Tag Guns


Improve your eye-hand coordination with this fun and exciting game which is also a famous game played in Japan.

Protect your shoes with this amazing magical spray which protects your shoes from dirt and stain.

Protector Spray

Flex glue

You can stick anything with this amazing super glue. Even under the water you can stick anything super strongly.



Replace your old mouse with this innovative finger mouse from which you can control your PC or Computer.

Finger Mouse

Now, you can clean the bottom side of the car also with this wonderful tool which easily washes dirt and stains.

Undercarriage Cleaner

You can use this cooling towel which keeps you cool during sports activities, workouts, and gym.

Cooling Towel

This multi-functional tool cuts and separates the outer part of any wire without damaging the wire.

Wire Stripper

Yellow Star
Yellow Star

Stylish and unique backpack which can be folded into a tiny bag and easily fits in your pocket.

Foldable Backpack