Let’s see some unique and amazing gadgets that will prove to be very useful for your daily life.

You can hide anything in this fake water bottle which looks exactly like a real water bottle and anyone who sees it will be fooled.

Bottle Safe

Now, you can study or work at night with this amazing LED light eyewear. It is a perfect pair of glasses for students.

LED Magnifying Eyewear

Yellow Star
Yellow Star

Spinning Rotating Pen

This is not an ordinary pen, it's a spinning pen which looks beautiful with its LED glowing lights. Perfect for taking away your stress and anxiety.

It is a perfect product for those who use tools in their day to day activity. This tool pad is made of magnet so that it holds any magnetic tools.

Magnetic Tool Pad

For guitar learners it can be a very useful product. It looks super stylish and its features are amazing which will attract anyone.

Smart Guitar

It is a smart pen which can be connected to your device PC, smartphone, or tablet through Bluetooth.

Lined Circle

Smart Pen

Black Star

Now, you can experience 3D gaming through this AR gun anywhere inside or outside your home. Kids will love this product.

AR Game Gun

Inside look

Inside look

Inside look

Inside look

Blow your giant balloon with this product. It can be used in many events and you and your kids will love to play with this giant balloon.

Magic Balloons

Electron Vacuum Tube USB

It is a very unique and vintage-looking  flash drive in which you can store your important documents and photos.

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