Let's see some fun products that will pass your time and also relieve you from stress. There are also some products in this that can prove to be very useful for you.


Lie detector game

It is a fun game with which you can have fun with your friends and siblings by giving them an electric shock while telling a lie.

Green Curved Line

This LED sticker looks super cool and stylish, everyone who sees it will be surprised. You can drive and listen to songs with this dancing LED sticker.

Car Music Rhythm LED Flashlight

Pokemon lovers will love this PokeBall power bank which comes with a flashlight feature also.

PokeBall Power Bank

Black Section Separator

Lotus Flower Candle

You can make your birthday more special with this lotus flower candle which looks very attractive while burning.

Curved Dotted Line

Anti-Gravity Car

This is not an ordinary RC Car, it is an anti-gravity car which can drive on the walls or even on the ceiling.

Floral Pattern

Magic Curler

You can use this heat-free curler which will easily curl your hair very comfortably. It also looks very unique and stylish.

Yellow Star

You have never seen such slimes. It is a magnetic slime which will remove your stress and also entertain you.

Magnetic putty

Terrain Map
Floral Pattern
Floral Pattern

Magnetic Pen

This is not an ordinary pen, it is a magnetic pen so that you can try many tricks. You can use this pen for fun as well as for writing.

Floral Pattern