10 Superhero Product Ideas

Magic Necklace

Tilted Brush Stroke

It is a magic trick from which a chain penetrates through a solid metal key.

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Pokemon Throw Ball

It is a Pokemon Pokeball in which there is a Pokemon figure that comes out when you throw the ball.

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Ring Watch

It is a ring watch that you can give as a gift to your partner. Perfect for both men and women.

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Car ships Death Star

It is a Hot Wheels product for Star War lovers. It is quite an entertaining and thrilling racing track set.

It is an anti-stress toy that comes in the form of a cute dumpling that you can squeeze and get stress relief.

Dumpling Stress Ball

Wall Climbing Spiderman

Yellow Flower Banner

It is a remote control spiderman that can climb on the walls, even the windows.

Batmobile RC Car

It is a great Batmobile RC car for Batman lovers which can perform various stunts.

Pouring Coffee Lamp

It is a table lamp which is powered by 8 LED lights with a super cool design.

Bumblebee Speaker

It is a transformer Bumblebee figure with a Bluetooth speaker stand. It is a great decorative prop.

It is a mini superhero figure RC helicopter toy from which you can have a lot of fun with your friends.

Superhero RC Helicopters

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