Top 11 unique products for you on Amazon

You can keep this floating snowball anywhere at your home from which you can surprise your guests.

Levitating Snowball

It is an innovative gadget that allows you to play different types of games by connecting your device through Bluetooth.


Now, lock your drawer, cabinet, or closet with this digital Xiaomi lock. You can lock/unlock your drawer with your smartphone.

Xiaomi Yeelock

This Smartduvet will give a dual temperature zone in your bed, so you and your partner can have different temperatures in one blanket.



Prepare your lunch box with this stylish and unique lunch box. It will keep your food fresh and in perfect placement.

Prepd Pack Lunchbox Set

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TOSY Flying Duo

It is not an ordinary flying disk. You can enjoy it with your friends also at night because of its LED bright colour lights.

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Unique and innovative case from which you can control your iphone or tablet without touching the screen from the back panel.

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Bezel-Free Kit

Get your own bezel-free kit for better and realistic gaming experience in multi-monitor setup.

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Now you can also erase your mistakes written in pen. A special eraser has been given behind this pen.

Pilot Erasable Pen

If you are a drone lover then you will love this drone. You can control it with your mind without using any remote.

Mind Control Drone

Laser Gloves

Enjoy your parties and performance with these LED laser gloves. It looks very attractive and makes your day memorable.

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