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Top 9 Self Defense Products By Which You Can Teach Your Enemies A Good Lesson

Self-Defense Jacket

This is a knife protection gadget which is so flexible that no matter how fast the attacker attacks, it does not let you do any kind of damage.

Self-Defense Necklace

Self-Defense Necklace

Lined Circle

This is a self defense necklace, whose design is quite amazing. You can teach your enemy a good lesson with it.

Lined Circle

Kitty Knuckles

This is a cute weapon but it is very dangerous. You can scare your enemies away with this amazing weapon.

Tai Chi Sword

This sword is known as the Kung fu sword which can be folded. The handle of this sword is made of leather which keeps it warm even in winters.

Self Defense Ring

This is a very unique self defense ring, which can also be worn as a necklace.

Playing cards bottle opener

This is an awesome playing card bottle opener that's so sharp you can even use it as a self-defense tool.

It is an emergency tool that you can use like a hammer, knife, screwdriver that can be very useful while traveling.

Burst with Arrow

Multi Tool Hammer

Black Section Separator

It is a very powerful slingshot that can easily destroy its target with the help of a laser.

Laser slingshot

Palm Tree
Palm Tree

Mini AWM

If you are also fond of guns, then definitely bring this mini rifle which will work just like a real gun.

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